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Midwest-124 lives and breathes Fiat & Lancia twin-cam engines!  There is nothing as sweet as the sound of a well-tuned DOHC singing at redline through the throats of a pair of dual Weber IDF carburetors.

Whether you are searching for a bone-stock rebuilt power plant, a track-ready performance monster, or anything in between, let Midwest-124 help design and build a custom engine for YOU!  Every customer is unique, so each engine is custom-built to achieve the customers desired results.

The Fiat/Lancia twin-cam engine was one of the automotive world's masterpieces in both performance and beauty.  Each engine build is completed with not only an emphasis on performance and reliability, but also for appearance.  Beam with pride as you open your hood to reveal an engine which is every bit as gorgeous as the Italian sports car it powers!

Below are some recent examples of customer builds.

2L block and head for Fiat Spider.  10:1, MW124 intake and exhaust valves, balanced, ported, polished.  Twin Weber IDF carburetors and original waffle manifold port matched and smoothed.  Assembled engine with carbs and 4-2 header.  Engine crated for shipment.

Above, 1979 Spider 2000 2L engine, 10:1 cr, ported/polished head, fully balanced, powder coated cam towers and water outlet and re-plated hardware.  MW124 designed intake and exhaust valves, Iskenderian springs, and 40/80 intake cam.

Above is a 2L Twin-Cam destined for a customer's Lancia Scorpion.  10:1CR, fully balanced, ported, blueprinted.  PBS B-3 intake & S-2 exhaust cam, MW-124 intake and exhaust valves, high-rev Iskenderian valve springs, Miller's Mule adjustable cam gears, Twin Weber 40 DCNF carburetors. 1608 distributor converted with Crane XR-3000 optical trigger, Magnecor plug wires.  Sump is fully baffled with trap doors.

Above is a hybrid Twin-Cam destined for a customer's Fiat Spider.  2L head with MW-124 designed large intake and exhaust valves, Iskenderian springs, 40/80 intake cam and stock exhaust cam.  Block is an 1800cc unit with 8mm tall domed pistons to result in 10:1CR with the 2L head.  Block is fully balanced.  Miller's Mule adjustable cam gears,

On the WILD side; shown above, 2L Twin-Cam, 10.25:1CR, fully balanced, ported, blueprinted.  40/80 Pitatore cams, large intake and exhaust valves, high rev Iskenderian valve springs, aluminum crank and pump pulleys, Miller's Mule adjustable cam gears, Twin Weber IDF40 carburetors with 34mm main chokes, Plex-type conversion to distributor for centrifugal-only advance, and flywheel lightened to approximately 14 pounds. Customer's evaluation of the engine?... "This engine is INSANE!"

Fast street application Fiat 124 1800cc engine above.  To the left is show the intake manifold and cylinder head intake port matching and shaping.  Pistons in the center shot are 4.5mm dome, 10:1 CR.  Rotating assembly fully balanced.  Completed engine at the right ready for pallet pack and ship.


For the MILD side; above, an 1756cc with 84.6mm bore, approximately 9.0:1CR, balanced, ported, blueprinted.  Stock valves, valve springs, and cams.  A mild improved street engine.


STOCK example above is a 2L block with stock pistons, light flex-honing, polished crank.  1756 head on the 2L block gives resulting 8.6:1CR.  Stock cams, valves, springs.  Was mated to a 1756 intake manifold, 32 ADF Weber carburetor and installed into a 124 Spider with an automatic transmission.

Shown above is my own 1979 Spider 2000 and engine.  Engine is a 2L bored to 84.6mm, 10.1:1CR, fully balanced, ported and blueprinted.  Stock intake/exhaust valves and springs.  Aluminum front crank and pump pulleys (not pictured), Alquati 40/80 intake camshaft, stock exhaust camshaft, twin Weber IDF40 carburetors with 32mm main chokes.  Plex-type distributor conversion, Teflon-edged Ishihara-Johnson Crank Scraper.  Now also sporting a Jett-Hot coated 4-2-1 header.