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General Services Pricing List
Subject to change
Cylinder Head Services
  • Basic Rebuild Service - $300.00 - Price includes strip down, clean, bead blast, 3-angle valve seat cut (to true valve diameter), reface valves, lap, clean, and assemble with new stem seals.

  • Build up with cams - $175.00 - Price includes cleaning and bead blasting furnished cam towers, furnished cams, clean cam seal and bearing surfaces, assembly with new cambox gaskets, and shim to spec.

  • Indexing cams - $50.00 - Price includes marking the cam to the cam box housing to indicate position of peak lift and proper alignment for the cam at engine TDC.  Measured using degree wheel and dial indicator. (see Cylinder Head page for photos of process)

  • Resurfacing - $85.00 per cut - Price for any single cut.  Including reface of the block mating surface, cam box mating surfaces, manifold surfaces, or milling cam boxes to reduce valve clearances when running reground cams.

  • Valve guide replacement - $150.00 - Price includes pressing out old guides, cleaning bores, pressing in replacement guides, reaming to correct size, and flex hone for proper oil retention.  Guides priced separately.

  • Intake port modification - $150.00 - Price includes gasket matching the outside diameter of the port opening, shaping the port inward, blending of the short side radius, and removing casting imperfections and smoothing.

  • Exhaust port modification - $150.00 - Similar to intake port matching but without short side radius issues.

  • Combustion chamber modification - $150.00 - Price includes removing any casting ridges and smoothing chambers (essential when running high compression or forced induction to reduce tendency for detonation/pre-ignition) and also any intake valve deshrouding work if running large diameter valves.

  • Iskenderian Racing Valve Springs - $140.00/set - Great for high revving engines to reduce tendency of valve float.

  • Replacement valve guides - $85.00/set - Based on current pricing for stock type cast iron or bronze type 14mm or 15mm valve guides.  Cost in addition to the installation charges above.

  • Stock diameter intake & exhaust valves - $15.00/ea - OEM type valves.

  • Engine Block Services
  • Engine tear down and assembly - $875.00  -  Base charge to strip furnished engine, clean parts and ancillaries, and assemble after machining work.  Labor only; does not include the cost of replacement bearings, seals, gaskets, etc..
  • Clean, Magnaflux check, and flex-hone cylinders - $285.00 - Aluminum-safe tank cleaning to protect aux cam bearings, Magnaflux to check for block integrity, remove any piston ridge, flex hone at standard size, and install new freeze plugs.
  • Bore cylinders to oversize - $150.00 - in addition to cost above.
  • Resurface deck surface - $95.00
  • Crankshaft service - $175.00 - Remove oil galley plugs, clean out cross drilled passages, replace plugs, grind/polish journals, and install new pilot bearing/bushing.
  • Dynamic rotational balancing - $275.00 -  Fully balance complete rotating assembly including crankshaft, rods, pistons, front pulley, and flywheel.  Makes your high revving twin cam run SMOOTH!
  • Transmission Rebuild Services
  • Transmission overhaul service - $450.00 - Price includes teardown, clean, and inspection; identification of needed replacement parts, and reassembly.  Replacement parts and gaskets additional.  Typically, rebuilding will require new synchronizing rings, synchronizing sliders, synchronizing hubs and 1-2 and 3-4 shift forks.  Bearings replaced as needed.