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Customer Testimonials!


Whoa! Brakes have exceeded my expectations.  Modulation sensitivity is far better than stock and greatly enhance regular street driving.  It took me a few laps to learn to learn their capabilities but their performance at open-track day at Mid-Ohio was spectacular. Stopping from road speeds is one thing but mashing the pedal from well beyond the speedo is another - they were fantastic!  My rotors got so hot they are now "tempered blue" but never once showed any signs of fade. Nor did they warp - still holding true. Get your "Whoa" on!!     Now to address that understeer thing - - -                                             --Doug Edmondson, 1980 Fiat (FI) Spider 2000


"I recently purchased a Whoa brake kit for my 1980 Fiat Spider. The kit was installed by Adam Smittkamp of ACS Auto Service in Cedarburg ,Wi. Adam tells me that the installation was straight forward and certainly the work was, as usual, excellent

The new braking system has changed the way in which it is possible to drive the car. Straight and strong is the best comment"                                                                              --David Brown, 1980 Fiat Spider 2000

"I am very pleased with my Whoa! Brake kit. It was easy enough even for a girl to install with the instructions included and not only do they look good, but my car stops much better. I also tested them during a rally in which my original brakes had faded and I didn't have a problem with my Whoa! brakes."
--Denise Burchette- 1972 Fiat 124 Spider


"I have used Whoa! rakes on Both our Fiat Spiders and The Black Scorpion. I highly recommend them and would not consider any other brake up grade for these cars.     They work!"
--Allen Lofland, Lancia Scorpion


"With Whoa Brakes, what you push is what you get!  I feel Whoa Brakes are the single best affordable performance and safety upgrade currently available for vintage Fiats.  They are also the best answer to the problem I have found of tired out 20+year old re-re-re-rebuilt calipers available from our usual vendors which only seem to last about a year in daily use - who knows how many times those things have been recycled! On an already well maintained car, installation of these very well engineered kits is a breeze with moderate wrenching skills. 
Our Scorpion with series-one Whoa's, and an upgraded pedal assembly, brakes better than any Fiat I've ever owned. Period. Whoa's on my X-1/9 daily-driver give me predictable modulation and no more surprise lock-ups in the wet. The series-two brakes on our 2000 Spider are pretty darned good, too!  I expect similar results with the kit for our '74 MGB-GT."                                                                                                        --John Ovington Fiat 124 Spider, Lancia Scorpion, Fiat X1/9


I couldn't be happier with the Whoa! Brakes I installed on my 124 spider. Unlike most aftermarket parts, the brake kit was a direct bolt-on with no modifications whatsoever needed. This is a professionally engineered and complete kit that will bring modern brake feel to your spider, or any other Fiat. I used my spider for street and track days. On track days the brakes gave no brake fade at all, no matter how hard I pushed them. On the street they were very easy to modulate, feeling far superior to the Fiat front brakes even with performance pads.  I was so happy with these brakes I have since installed them on my Fiat X1/9 and 128 sedan.
--Carl Friedman, Fiat 124 Spider, Fiat 128 Sedan


I installed my Whoa Brakes just before Fiat Freak Out '07.  The instructions were clear, all hardware was provided, and the install took only about three unhurried hours. The change in the car's braking performance was very impressive (I have run Fiat Spiders for 33 years and the brakes have been adequate, but not impressive). Pam and I covered 2300 miles on the trip to FFO '07 -- and at least twice the new brakes made a bad
situation only 'exciting'-- the most memorable was rounding a mountain curve and finding a 30 foot cabin cruiser pulled by a GEO tracker slowly rolling backwards in front of us as the driver tried to make a turnoff! The Whoa Brakes are easy to modulate, no fade, and look great on the car--excellent value!

--John Hisey, Fiat Spider 2000


Whoa! Brakes kit, sold by Midwest 124, originally designed by Jim Fierst, incorporates Wildwood calipers to our stock or modified front suspension for an incredible stopping experience. I mean INCREDIBLE. Four pistons on a fixed caliper, rather than one piston on a floating caliperů WADDA difference. I actually drove a 1979 Spider on a 25 mph road at approximately 60-65 mph, and came to a dead stop with zero brake fade, and zero pull to one side or the otherů multiple times. The pads were so hot you could smell them fifteen feet away (no joke). Yet the car stopped FAST, really FAST; straight and true.
--Mike Bouse


Whoa! Brakes are simply the best street car brakes I have ever had. That includes my new cars.
--Jon Ranney, Fiat 131